We realise the importance of an affirmative action and equal opportunity empowerment programme for underprivileged communities. The implementation of such a programme not only encourages changes within the company itself, but also enhances the empowerment and uplifting of underprivileged communities. Strong transformation policies and ongoing investment in skills training and social initiatives contributes our the success.
The strategic implementation of the Employment Equity Act has ensured equity within the workplace, creating opportunities for all employees. Our Affirmative Action and Employment Equity Plan consists of two points of focus, namely internal and external:
  • We strive to be an equal opportunities employer ensuring that the staff reflects the demographics of South African communities.
  • We are committed to the implementation of the Employment Equity Act of 1998.
  • We have formally structured training programmes aimed at the development of all employees.
  • We strive, through our training and Employment Equity Plan, to develop emerging engineering contractors and consultants.
  • We review the implementation and monitoring of the training programme through the Equity Forum.
  • We strongly believe that by implementing this programme on an ongoing basis our company will be part of an equal opportunities South African economy.
  • We offer scholarships to engineering students in underprivileged communities, thus ensuring quality tertiary education for potential engineers.
  • We are focussed on addressing past imbalances where talent in female and other marginalised aspects have largely been neglected.
  • We are committed to preferential procurement policies as prescribed in the BEE Scorecard.
  • We are proud of our Level 1 BBBEE status and continues to strive for betterment.
  • We have embarked on a Registered Enterprise Development Programme with two emerging contractors.
  • We implement informal mentoring of emerging sub-contractors on all our construction sites
Our total solutions approach and focus on the delivery of precision work within specific deadlines has secured the organisation a preferred supplier status with a number of key clients.
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