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Enterprise Development
We strive to establish a culture of learning through training and development, equipping employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, required to facilitate service excellence and contribute towards our growth objectives. In addition to this, access to appropriate training and development opportunities are made available to all employees. With such opportunities being created, the objective of developing business and individual needs in employees is achieved.
Special attention is paid to the accelerated development and empowerment of employees from designated groups through targeted Student Management Programmes at Technikon and University level. Opportunities are also created for adult basic education programmes with the intention of facilitating employees from designated groups in acquiring the necessary educational and life skills to be able to compete and advance in the workplace. Training and awareness of employment equity is provided to management and employees throughout the company.
We embarked on a mentorship programme in 2011. The programme is structured in such a way that the mentor and mentee are provided with tools needed to progress the development of the participant. Specific goals are agreed for each mentee and form a focus throughout. Due to the success of this programme we will continue to identify new candidates to mentor on an ongoing basis.
Our total solutions approach and focus on the delivery of precision work within specific deadlines has secured the organisation a preferred supplier status with a number of key clients.
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